- Accepted fabrics: batistes, broadcloths, super-fine/swiss flannels, featherwale corduroys, and lawns. 

- No seams please, only single pieces of fabric. 

- Yes, you can send more than one fabric to be pleated at a time. Actually, that's a great way to save on shipping.

- Price is $1.00/row up to 45" wide, but no, if your fabric is 46" or so, I'm not going to nickle and dime you.

- Price is $1.50/row up to 60" wide. I don't think there's much need for past 60", but if you have a project, just email me.

- Yes, you can send any length.

- Turn around time is about a week.

- No tax charges since I am only providing a service.




I will email you an invoice via Square. It's $1/row up to 45" wide, and $1.50/row up to 60 inches wide plus shipping and handling (usually $3-5 within the US). Your invoice includes the exact amount you will pay (it's not a quote) and can be paid with any major credit card. It's secure and don't need a Square account.

How does this work?

Mail your fabric to me at the address listed on the invoice.

Send me an email saying how many rows you'd like pleated and what City, State you live in.


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How does this work?