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After sanding away the tear-out, I wrapped each with whatever lace, ribbon, or trim and secured the ends with some scotch tape only because I am running low on glass-head pins. While I am not a fan of the balsa wood, I am loving this method. It's the only method I've found that allows you to see all of your collection, take an individual choice to your machine, and it takes up a very small amount of space.

Okay let me just say -- I love the concept of this way of organizing lace, ribbons, and trims, but I am not fond of the balsa wood. Don't get me wrong, it does work, but you have to be slightly careful with handling the boards. Someday I'd love to do the same method out of oak, walnut, cherry... really anything except balsa wood... but for now, this is working.

So I ordered 6" wide balsa wood and cut them down to about 4" sections. They are slightly less than 4 inches since the boards start at 36 inches long and I subtracted out the blade kerf. And yes, two broke in the process of cutting them -- like I said, they aren't the sturdiest things ever.

My lace, ribbon, trim collection was getting out of hand...