We live in a modest 1200 sq ft, 3-2 home and as our little ones continue to grow, my sewing space is getting smaller and smaller... so I'm doing the best I can :-) Currently the hubby and I are sleeping in one corner of the room and my sewing space is in the other corner. Not ideal, but it's fine. For reference, our bed is king-sized and nope, nothing in here is the least bit pinterest-worthy, but it is real-life and if you are in a similar boat, please don't let that stop you from sewing if you desire. I hope you get some ideas on how to make it work from the photos below :-)

Below are links that help me keep my sewing room organized. I've collected these links in catergories (click on the title below for detailed photos and descriptions) as well as grouped all the links together.

Some of the links are Amazon affiliate links (no extra cost to you, but I get a kickback when purchased through clicking on the products below) and others are simply there for your convenience. 

Thank you, thank you.

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