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I've had this sewing desk since July 2017 and it's held up great so far. I've moved it twice and used it a ton for sewing -- no signs of wear and tear yet. It is really sturdy and doesn't vibrate while sewing. The top is just particle board, but it has a layer of laminate material that protects it from water. I like the idea of replacing the top with a solid piece of wood at some point, but for now, this desk serves its purpose as it is.

Honestly, this is a bit on the pricey side for what this chest has to offer -- it was $35 when I bought it. It is technically solid wood, although many of the surfaces are wood strips that have been joined together somehow (just glue? tongue and grove? who knows?). There is a bit of wiggle in the chest. So basically, I'm trying to say is that it's not a terrible piece -- it does offer some storage and it's great in a small space, too. However, it's nothing to brag about, especially for $75.

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After I hang as many items on the walls using shelves and other methods, these shelving units are the next in line to store goodies. They are super sturdy and assemble easily. I assembled them by myself (well, with my toddler's help ha!). I've moved them several times and they don't show any wear and tear.