sharing my passion for classic and heirloom sewing

Do you take custom orders other than your sample garments?

Yes, but you have to have photos and know  what you want or give me an overall concept and artistic freedom to explore your idea as I see fit. AKA you can't have complete control without giving me a detailed description of your garment. I can't guess what is in your mind. Please send requests via my custom form.

How long do orders take to fill?

Typically 6 weeks. If you are in need of a garment sooner, please contact me to see my availability.

Can you make a sample garment in a fabric other than the one its featured in?

Gladly, just send me the link for your desired fabric and I will adjust my price accordingly (sometimes this works out in your favor).

How do you ship your garments?
Wrapped beautifully in protected cellophane and acid-free tissue paper via USPS Shipping from the greater Asheville, NC area. You can reuse the acid-free tissue paper for long-term storage of your garment.

Can you take my wedding dress and make a garment for my little one?
Sorry, but I'm not taking projects like this at the moment. My sewing room is not big enough.

I'm interested in a machine-embroidered monogram or motif. Can you do this?

Nope, not my area of expertise.