Fabric stash pieces that are about two yards or less get folded and neatly stored in these sturdy bins. The goal is to fold each piece of fabric and place it in the bin on end so all the fabric can be seen clearly.

Fabric stash pieces that are three yards or larger get folded and placed on these hangers. You can store a good bit of fabric in a compact space using these hangers, and it's easy to remove one piece of fabric without disturbing the rest.

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I wish I started this years ago, but better late than never. Okay, I cut each fabric swatch to a three-inch square with pinking shears and leave one edge as the selvedge. Then I use one of those sticky dots to secure the fabric to the index card. I bought extra thick index cards since I want these to hold up through the years. Then I make notes on the index cards - where I bought the fabric, who is the manufacture, does the fabric smock or embroider well, etc. Finally, I store the swatches into catergories. All the supplies get stored in the back of the metal filing box.

This organizer has become one of my favorite sewing room pieces. I am always working on at least five projects and this helps keep everything together. So once the garment materials arrive from Farmhouse Fabrics, each garment gets its own drawer. Everything for that garment gets put into its drawer: fabric, trims, lace, etc. Then I empty the drawer's contents when I am able to work on it, and when my sewing time is over, all those materials return to their drawer. Super easy way to stay organized.