The Creative Needle Smocked Bishop pattern holds a special place in my heart. Around 38-weeks in my pregnancy with Audrey, I decided that I should make a girl's coming home outfit, just in case the baby was a girl. We decided not to find out the gender (honestly, does it matter?) and I just "knew" it was going to be a boy.

But on the off-chance that I was wrong, I made this white version out of some beautiful swiss lawn fabric as well as a pink version. I cut them both out and constructed them up at the same time. They were the last projects I finished before Audrey's arrival. 

The dress features a lovely shoulder closure. I sewed in some snaps and really love the fluidity of the design. It allows your smocking to appear continuous. 

Now I meant to thread some silk ribbon in the beaded lace around the sleeves, but I was 38+ weeks pregnant and it didn't happen before the birth... so that's how it'll stay. 

And here is the pink version that I made. The only other fabric I had enough of at the time was some pink imperial batiste. But of course, we were having a boy, so what the heck, right? I'll just whip together another dress for the closet. ;-)

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Both of them were the daygown size and featured a super-deep five inch hem. They fit her 7 pounds 2 oz, 19.25 inch body perfectly.