sharing my passion for classic and heirloom sewing

I love hearing from your sweet faces and seeing your beautiful garments, truly. But please be mindful of these guidelines so it can be a positive interaction for everyone involved :-) 

I want to encourage others has much as I can, but I am only one person (and a mama of two little ones). So yes, I'll try my best to answer emails for questions/issues with construction, but I am not able to spend my time explaining how to setup a sewing business, or how to buy sewing items second-hand, etc... My time is not free and the idea of answering these kinds of requests "when you get some free time," just isn't a thing. 

Also, all of my materials and supplies should be linked in the description box of my YouTube videos. Please check these description boxes before emailing me where to find a particular item. All of my materials/supplies are from Farmhouse Fabrics.

Thank you for your understanding,

An exhausted mama with limited time