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I added lace from my late Aunt Carole's stash to the sleeves as well as the hemline. 

I made this CC Betsy out of some Dotted-Swiss that I bought from Mood Fabric while visiting my brother, Taylor, who was still an undergrad at Columbia University at the time. 

I smocked with size 12 pearl cotton. Of course all my garments have a piece of my heart, but this is a lovely memory of our fun trip to NYC. 

As you can see, my pattern has been loved on -- I love Children's Corner patterns and Betsy is definitely on that list. Children's Corner Betsy is a good balance of fullness but not too full that you can't see the pleats. I personally like to be able to see each pleat. I'm not a huge fan of the pleats being squashed together. And sizes 6 months to seven years in one pattern -- can't beat that. 

The back is closed with a placket, hand-sewn buttonhole, and mother of pearl button.

That was November 2014, almost two years before Audrey was born. But boy, who knew that I was picking out the pretty shade of blue of that baby girl's eyes? Funny how things like that work out.