sharing my passion for classic and heirloom sewing

I embellished the dress with a crochet lace and I have a video explaining this technique. Other good embellishing options would be piping or French lace. 

I used Dotted-Swiss fabric and, while expensive, it is lovely. The fabric sort of looks back at you and smiles. Super yummy.

Children's Corner Mary De is a wonderful shape. It's the classic bodice dress in the front, but it criss-crosses in the back with a sort of wrap-dress look. There is no placket or anything; the back right simply overlaps the left of the dress.

The back of the dress overlaps and reminds me of a wrap-style dress. Of course, if you're out and about and the front of the dress gets dirty, you can reverse the dress on your little girl and go about your merry way. Ha!

I closed the back with my favorite button/handsewn snap combo -- super easy for wiggly babies.