sharing my passion for classic and heirloom sewing

I enjoy all aspects of sewing: garment construction, heirloom techniques, hand embroidery, smocking, tatting, silk-ribbon embroidery, and even quilting. However, I do not like making alterations and will not hem your pants. :-)

I strongly believe that one should indulge in hobbies because of the joy acquired, and sewing should be no exception. Sew because you love it, not because of any societal pressure. Ignore the mistakes and focus on the happiness gained from creating a beautiful garment with your own hands.

When I am  not sewing, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Charley, and our children Audrey and Henry (although I do sew with the kiddos around, too). We've recently moved to the mountains and enjoy exploring the beauty all around us.

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Thank you!